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a specially marked area within which a game is played. Vision. the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. IQ. a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test. Basket. a score in basketball made by throwing the ball through the hoop. Crossover. A trick move in basketball where the player with the ball dribbles the ball to one hand then dribbles the ball back to the other hand.

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This page covers the vocabulary and language of basketball by looking at its background, ...

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Basketball is a sport played by two opposing teams consisting of five members each. Points are scored by successfully tossing the ball through the opposing team's basket, which is a net suspended on a goal ten feet off the ground. Basketball is the only major sport that originated in the United States.

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The player shoots from the 15-foot free throw line while the rest of the players line up along the outside of the key. K. Key: The painted area that makes up the free throw lane. Also referred to as the paint. L. Lay-Up: A shot taken close to the hoop, usually when a player is moving toward the basket

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The worksheets are in PDF format. Click on the download link to download each worksheet. If you do not have acrobat reader installed, you can download a free copy here. Basketball vocabulary you will learn in these worksheets: backboard, ball, basket, basketball player, centre circle, centreline, court, endline, foul, free-throw line, hoop ...

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Nfhs Exam Answers For Basketball. Schools Details: Nfhs 2017 baseball exam answers fullexams com. Nfhs rules publications now available as e books. New nfhs download 2013 nfhs football exam part 1 answer key thank you unquestionably much for downloading 2013 nfhs football exam part 1 answer likely you have knowledge that, people. 1 nfhs basketball exam part 2 (with answers) 1) a simultaneous ...

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Key: The free-throw and foul lane area of the court. "L" Cut: An L-shaped cut sometimes used when a defender is in the passing lane. Lane: Also called the "paint"; area extending from the end line to the free-throw line and 12 feet across.


Basketball Positions Basketball is a team sport that uses five players per team on the court at a time. These five players play different positions on the floor. Traditionally these positions are as follows: C e n te r - ( 1) usually the tallest player and plays close to the basket.

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Double Team - when two basketball teammates join efforts in guarding a single opponent. Dribbling - the act of bouncing the basketball continuously. Dunk - when a player close to the basket jumps and strongly throws the ball down into it. End Line - the boundary line behind each basket; also called the baseline.